I have a life-long passion for the sea and what lives in it, which led me to a PhD in fisheries management, and an on-going career in marine science. I’m blessed to be able to say that I love my work! I am also passionate about photography, which stemmed from a combination of the interest I have in the places I go and the things I see, my professional focus on marine management, and naturally from being around my father, who always has a camera by his side or up to his eye, ready to take a picture!

I now live in Hawaii, where there are a great many wonderful things to see; in particular, the coast can be breathtaking, and the diversity of scenery and fauna underwater can compete with just about anywhere. So, after spending a couple of years enjoying taking photos, Ocean Moments was created in 2011 to present my images of Hawaii and it’s marine wildlife for other people to enjoy.

I should say that for my underwater images, I do delete bothersome dust spots or other reflective particles, and I often adjust the contrast or colour balance  to bring the reds and yellows back. And, while dust isn’t usually a problem above water, I do adjust the contrast and clarity if it enhances features of the terrestrial images. However, I don’t move anything around within the images, like fish or clouds- what you see is what I saw!

Mahalo nui loa for visiting the site!

Dr. Rob Blyth-Skyrme